Oy Lindeman Ab

was founded on July 1, 1895 by agronom Aino Gustaf Lindeman. In the beginning the company was concentrated on trading with for instance agricultural products, salt and petrol. In the early 1900’s the fish net production was started in Palosaari in Vaasa, at that time known as Nikolai town.

Vaasa’s fishing net factory was founded in 1908. The business expanded and by 1920 a new factory was built in Vetokannas. Lindeman has been a pioneer when it comes to introducing new materials and methods. In the 1950’s synthetic materials where taken in use and gradually replacing the old ones. The double knot making machines were developed and production of trawls, fykes and other types of equipment was started.

Lately Lindeman has focused on environmentally friendly materials and production methods. An example of this is our eco sinking line, leadfree, as well as the Aino float line.

Production cooperation is being made in various countries, and international development projects are a part of the business operation. Materials, machines, production methods and products are being developed continuously. At the moment new ecological product lines are under work.

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